Move Over Macro Beer, Craft Brew Coming Through

Thanks to changes in legislation in the province, and an ever-growing interest in food and drink, craft breweries are popping up across Alberta.

“We know as brewers that the best barley on earth comes from Alberta,” Graham Sherman, of Tool Shed Brewing told us. “And we also know that we have the best malthouses on earth.”

But there’s a disconnect that Sherman has been attempting to break down. He told us that he has the opportunity of buying bags of barley that have been malted so beautifully, and making beer, but all along feeling as though the farmers who grew it, don’t get the opportunity to see what it becomes.

So, he’s started to attend annual general meetings amongst barley growers, thanking them for what they do, and showing them the results of the merging of crafts — crop production, malting and brewing.

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And the interest in flavours, and smells offered by quality brewing is about to expand into food pairings. Whether it’s a change in the variety of barley, or a different timing for adding the hops, there are a number of ways to change the overall appeal of a brew, he says.

No farmer in Alberta, Sherman told us, should ever drink macro beer, knowing that they grow the best ingredients for craft.

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