Canterra and Crop Development Centre Complete Deal for Pea Sales Into the U.S.

(Debra Murphy/RealAgriculture)

Canterra Seeds and the University of Saskatchewan’s Crop Development Centre have finalized their arrangement for the distribution of CDC-developed pea varieties in the U.S.

After winning the rights in an open-bid competition last year, Canterra — with its U.S. affiliate Meridian Seeds — and the CDC have been determining which varieties to include in the agreement.

To start, the agreement will included CDC Amarillo, CDC Meadow, CDC Patrick, CDC Raezer, CDC Saffron and CDC Treasure. Other varieties will be added as they become available.

“Growers have been eager to get their hands on these varieties here in the U.S.,” said Andy Draeger, General Manager of Meridian Seeds, which is similar to Canterra in that it’s a network of seed-grower shareholders.

Pedigreed pea seed of the above varieties will be exported to Meridian Seeds members in the U.S. for planting this spring.

“We are pleased indeed to have concluded this agreement with Canterra Seeds and Meridian Seeds, ensuring high-performing CDC pea varieties will continue to be marketed to US producers,” said Kofi Agblor, the CDC’s managing director. “We fully expect US pea growers will continue to patronize CDC varieties, and are committed to reinvesting the resulting royalties into the development of even better pea varieties for growers.”

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