CanoLAB Wraps Up West Tour, Heads to Brandon for Season Finale

Murray Hartman, oilseed specialist with Alberta Agriculture, presents at the 2015 CanoLAB in Saskatoon, SK.

There’s something unique about an event with live plants and insects, that allows producers the opportunity to have their hands in warm soil in February. And, that’s exactly what CanoLAB offered attendees, for its fifth year running.

“CanoLAB is a really fantastic, hands-on, interactive canola agronomy experience,” Autumn Barnes explained to RealAgriculture, after the Lethbridge event.

“We’ve got 8 sessions,” said Barnes. “We like to keep CanoLAB sessions pretty small, so we have about 20 people per group going through, and often in the sessions those groups are broken up even further into groups of 4 or 5.”

This year, participants in the Alberta sessions had the opportunity to learn about everything from blackleg to pod abortion, and genetics to pests of the crop.

The last of the prairie CanoLAB series will be held in Brandon, Manitoba, on Wednesday, March 9 and Thursday, March 10, 2016, at the Assiniboine Community College. Register online at

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