Wheat School: More Pain Than Gain When Combining Top-Dress N With Fungicide

So you’re looking to apply some late nitrogen to boost wheat protein. The recommended timing is immediately after anthesis, just a few days after applying fungicide to protect the head against fusarium head blight. Would it work to combine…?

Dave Franzen, NDSU

Dave Franzen, NDSU

Don’t even think about it, says Dave Franzen, soil specialist at North Dakota State University.

“To put on the rate of nitrogen you need at the time of fungicide, you end up burning a lot of leaves, but the reason you put on fungicides is to save that leaf,” he explains in this Wheat School episode. “Right at heading time it’s extremely important you do everything you can to limit any kind of damage.”

Franzen also discusses NDSU research looking at the use of slow-release nitrogen products and some of the market factors that producers should consider when looking to boost wheat protein:

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