Corn School: Big Plans for 2016 with WheatPete and AgBern

Put down your popcorn, buckle your seatbelt and hold on as Real Agriculture’s Bernard Tobin and Peter Johnson rip through a 2016 Corn School preview.

What’s up for Corn School 2016 on Real Agriculture? Where will we go? What will we cover? Who will you see? You’ll get it all in three minutes.

The 2016 season kicked off with some words of production advice from National Corn Growers Association yield champion Randy Dowdy – “Stop the Insanity!” Ridgetown College’s Dave Hooker has also weighed in with insights from the Ontario Corn Committee’s new Intensive management trials.

In the weeks ahead we’ll be featuring precision agriculture tips from AGRIS Co-operative agronomist Dale Cowan, new insights on the critical weed control period from University of Guelph’s Clarence Swanton and a planter prep clinic.

Throughout Corn School 2016 we’ll be keeping a close eye on the theoretical yield of corn. If all things go right, corn growers should be able to harvest 600 bushels per acre. But converting potential yield to bushels in the bin is another story. We’ll look at where yield is lost – from planting and emergence to crop nutrition and plant health – and ask the experts how we can harvest more yield potential.

You’ll also hear about RealAgriculture trials we’ll be planting on WheatPete’s farm to demonstrate some of the management tips recommended by our guests.

Don’t miss an episode. Check out Corn School on Real Agriculture.

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