Agritechnica 2015: The Wacky, The Wonderful and The Whimsical

Agritechnica 2015, Messe Hannover (Niedersachsen) Photo by: Swen Pförtner
Agritechnica 2015, Messe Hannover (Niedersachsen) Photo by: Swen Pföertner

Agritechnica 2015, Messe Hannover (Niedersachsen)
MPhoto by: Swen Pförtner

In 2015, both Jason Stroeve, RealAgriculture’s video editor, and Shaun Haney, founder of the site, traveled all the way to Hanover, Germany for the world’s largest agricultural trade fair for equipment and machinery. The crew came home with all kinds of great footage, photos and stories. So much so, that it gets a little overwhelming at times. We asked them to narrow it down to the top ten memorable and unexpected experiences and observations…

  1. Welding on the tradeshow floor (see the video at the bottom of this post!).
  2. The number of people taller than Shaun.
  3. The Fliegl “death blade.
  4. The “Smurf-blue destroyer.”
  5. The horrible stench from the area where Shaun ran stairs.
  6. How amazing Germans are at cooking potatoes.
  7. The volume of meat at every meal.
  8. How we took a different cab route every day, even though the destinations never changed.
  9. There were wild pigs outside the hotel window!
  10. The sheer size of the show, and walking more than we’ve ever walked.

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