Under the Microscope: Seed Tests to Consider Over Winter

For most of us, seed testing is something to be done during or immediately after harvest, and right before seeding. But, there might be a reason or two to put the egg nog back in the fridge and hit the bins for a sample.

For those relatively new to seed testing, Sydney Vos with BioVision Seed Labs suggests starting with germination and fusarium tests for cereals, and expanding into cool stress tests as well. 

“If there’s a large variance between the germination and the cool stress test,” says Vos, “you’re definitely going to want to look at maybe some disease testing, and see if you’re going to need to choose a different seed treatment.”

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Seed testing through the winter months allows for more time to re-consider options, look further into issues, and (potentially) order more seed.

In this episode of Under the Microscope, Vos provides thoughts on various tests to consider throughout the winter, as we approach seeding, and into the growing season.