Wheat Pete’s Word, Nov 19: High Input Corn Yields, Silage Pricing & Bonus Fall Weather

Wow, what a fall. The warm, dry weather has been great for Ontario’s wheat crop, as Peter Johnson (aka “Wheat Pete”) highlights in this week’s Word. From there, our resident agronomist at RealAg gets into high input corn yield results, late nitrogen application in corn, N credits from clover and pricing dairy silage on feed value. Oh, and also an answer to last week’s question about dandelion control in strawberries.

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  • The warm dry fall conditions are great for wheat, creating tremendous yield potential. Peter notes one of the reasons a new world wheat yield record was set in the UK this year was they had a dry fall and winter that never stressed the plants.
  • Results from the Ontario Corn Committee trials will be up soon, but thanks to a sneak peak, Peter says the yield response from higher inputs this year was “unbelievable” — an average response of 23 bu/ac from using the 5, 50 and fungicide strategy (five thousand more plants, 50 additional pounds of nitrogen and fungicide at VT timing.)
  • As discussed last week, corn yield response to late nitrogen looks to mainly be related to rain and timing, whether nitrogen was lost or not activated.
  • If you haven’t already registered for SWAC, do it now. There will be several sessions on nitrogen management.
  • A dairy farmer wants to know if there’s a formula for pricing silage and/or haylage on relative feed value. Feel free to let Wheat Pete know if you’re aware as it sounds like a good idea.
  • Questions about neonic courses? Call the program at 1-800-652-8573. Peter also shares some data on Fortenza as an alternative insecticide seed treatment.
  • 50lbs/acre is a conservative estimate for the nitrogen credit from clover.
  • And regarding dandelions in strawberries, 2,4-D is used in late November in the U.S., but it’s not registered in Ontario.