Picture Perfect PSI

Looking for the right tire pressure to match load and speed for your tractor?

With the new Michelin Pressure Calculator mobile app you can follow an easy three-step process to ensure you have the best tire pressure for road travel and soil protection. A key feature of the app is an industry-first, built-in camera to calculate load distribution and weight shift.

“This is incredibly important because a static tractor is not a realistic load condition for a tire,” says James Crouch, Michelin’s Farm Segment Marketing Manager. “When you hook up a planter or grain cart to the rear hitch of a tractor, it completely changes the loads on the tires.”

Crouch demonstrated the app for Real Agriculture at the Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Illinois. “It’s simple. All you have to do is put in the rear and front axle weights. Then select singles or duals, and then select the Michelin tire that’s available on the app,” Crouch explains.

Farmers can then take a picture to calculate the load. “The app allows you to space out the distances between the centre of the axle and the front or rear implements,” says Crouch. The app will then calculate distances and weight shifts due to the implement and calculate a pressure recommendation.

The Michelin Pressure Calculator is available free from the Apple iTunes Store. It’s also available for the Android market.

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