Export Potential and the Future of Supply Management — Minister Ritz Talks TPP

Gerry Ritz
Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz (photo courtesy AAFC)

Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz (photo courtesy AAFC)

The response from much of Canada’s agriculture sector to the conclusion of the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations has been positive, as it appears to assures critical export market access for grains and oilseeds, beef and pork.

Supply-managed sectors still have some concerns, but most of their worst fears about the deal did not come true. While long-term revenue will be lost to more imports, $4.3 billion in compensation will help address the short-term impact.

It goes without saying that Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz is pleased to see the deal done. He took some time to chat about the terms of the deal, the compensation (or “transitionatory package,” as he calls it) for the supply-managed sectors, the future of supply management and more:

The TPP deal must still be ratified be each participating government, which in Canada, will be up to whoever forms government after October 19th.

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