Wheat Pete’s Word, Sept 2: Corn Suffers from Weather Whiplash, Velvetleaf Trouble, and Why You Must Stay Out of the Hay Field

USDA photo by Bob Nichols, CC 2.0.

Harvest season is well underway for the earlier crops, and this challenging 2015 growing season shows no signs of easing up as farmers are looking at their harvest management options in weedy or too-green crops.

The oat crop is coming off boasting tremendous yields, but wow is it work to get this crop harvested, says Peter Johnson, RealAgriculture agronomist and host of Wheat Pete’s Word. If you’re looking for pre-harvest weed control options or dry-down considerations, you need to hit the play button above, as Johnson tallies up your options in wheat, soybeans, edible beans (caution!) and more.

Some listeners are asking about the new neonic regs surrounding corn and soybean seed orders this fall, and while Wheat Pete will tackle that one next time, you can get a sneak peek in this video: Corn School: 4 options for ordering seed this fall.

Speaking of corn, if you’ve done any scouting this week you’ll likely be stunned by the variability in maturity of the corn crop.  Is this all fall out from the late-May frost, or could the too-wet June followed by a too-dry July be causing what you’re seeing in cobs?

Hear more: Carbon Copy vs. Picket Fence — Which should be the corn crop goal?

Johnson discusses that ahead of moving into one very important topic this week: the critical fall harvest period for hay crops. What’s the critical fall harvest period for hay? It’s essentially a no-cutting allowed time period, and we’re there or nearly there for many areas or will be within a week or so. Why does it matter? One only has to look at the 2015 hay crop to see how cutting hay fields into September can be so devastating, as Wheat Pete explains above.

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On to this week’s questions! From cover crop/clover/establishment interactions, to tackling velvet leaf in IP beans (killing it with fire may not even work. What IS this devil weed?), and on to fleabane control in soybeans going to wheat, plus a neat discussion on mysterious looking purple spots on the corn plant, Johnson covers that and more in this weeks Wheat Pete’s Word.

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