Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: Do You Farm on Sundays?

2011_09_08 combine john deereThere are only so many hours in a week to get things done. During busy seasons, such as harvest, that means many farms operate seven days a week, trying to make the most of the limited resource we call time.

Others still choose to take a break once every seven days, whether it’s for faith-related reasons, to spend time with family or to simply rest and reenergize. Some farmers maintain taking that day off boosts productivity the other six days of the week.

Mathematically, taking one day off out of seven reduces available time by roughly 14 percent — a significant difference when you think of how much can be accomplished in that interval.

Cows must be milked and fed, eggs must be gathered, and so for producers with livestock or poultry, there will always be a minimum amount of work that must be done daily, but any work above and beyond that on Sundays is still a choice.

So with the busy harvest season upon us or around the corner, here’s this week’s Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down poll. Feel free to share your reasons why or why not in the comment section below.