Corn School: Crop Staging, Compaction Hangovers, and Anticipating Silage Harvest

We’re into the thick of the corn growing season, where you finally get to start seeing the real result of all the hard work that’s gone into this crop before now. The 2015 season has been a trying one for many Ontario growers as a great planting season gave way to too little, then too much, then back to too little rainfall, but great heat.

While there’s not much to do this week in the corn field, there’s much to assess, anticipate, and plan for, and that’s where we pick up this latest Corn School featuring Ken Currah, market development agronomist for PRIDE Seeds.

From staging this corn crop, to assessing the compaction fallout of two tough harvest seasons, and on to how the weather may dictate a sooner-than-average silage harvest, Currah walks us through what should be on every corn grower’s mind at this time in the season. Watch below for full details!

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