Horsch Brings Back Airseeder Tender Concept

Horsch is bringing back a concept it first tried in the North American market more than 10 years ago. This time the company is not alone in offering a tender unit designed to fill multiple airseeder tanks simultaneously.

“We’ve been working with the tendering concept for a little over 10 years, as far as tendering airseeders in the field rather than having to do a lot of dead-heads to the end of the field and tendering with semis, which burns a lot of time and creates a lot of inefficiencies in the field,” says Jeremy Hughes, product manager at Horsch, in this video filmed at the 2015 Farm Progress Show in Regina. (continued)

He explains how Horsch (Horsch Anderson at the time) debuted the “Terra Tender” in Western Canada in the early 2000s.

“It was a very revolutionary concept, and at that time interest kind of came and went. Now with the introduction here (at the Farm Progress Show) in 2015, we even see competition bringing it back, so maybe we’re on the right track,” he jokes, referring to Morris’ new airseeder tender.

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The Terra Tender 900, as its name suggests, holds 900 bushels of grain, which is divided between three compartments and is designed to be paired with Horsch’s new 750 bushel air cart.

Hughes says the total fill time with the tender unit is around 10 minutes, with actual auger time of around 4 minutes. For easy math in figuring out how much time an airseeder operator can save in a day, he uses a seeding rate of around an acre every minute as a standard for newer seeding equipment.

“All of a sudden if you’re losing 20 to 30 minutes every time you fill, you’re losing 20 to 30 acres. Multiplied by the number of times you fill per day, that adds up in a hurry,” says Hughes.

As he explains, the variable speed motors on each auger on the tender are run off the tractor’s hydraulic system, with slide gates also hydraulically-controlled. The units also come equipped with tracks from Manitoba-based Elmer’s Manufacturing.

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