Saskatchewan’s New Premises ID Database for Livestock Launched Online

The Saskatchewan Premises Identification (PID) Database was launched as a new online resource to help improve livestock emergency prevention and response.

A premises is a land location where animals
are bred, kept, raised, displayed,
assembled or disposed of.
Alberta Agriculture
“The benefits of the Premises Identification Database are far-reaching,” said Saskatchewan Agriculture Minister Lyle Stewart. “Knowing where our province’s livestock is located allows us to be more effective in handling everything from flooding to disease outbreak.”

PID links livestock and poultry to geographic locations, a key aspect of traceability (along with animal identification and movement) and also a means for fast investigation and communication in the event of an emergency.

“Strategic investments in livestock traceability give Canadian producers and the entire value chain the competitive edge they need to access markets around the world,” said Federal Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz in a release.