Corn School: How Hybrids Respond — Finding Synergies In the Field

Do you manage your corn crop differently, based on whether or not you’ll be using a fungicide or topped-up nitrogen rates? That may end up being a new recommendation, as research is beginning to offer clues on how each input works with the other — sometimes providing not just additive benefits, but synergistic ones (think: 2+2=6).

In this episode of the Corn School, featuring Dr. Dave Hooker, of the University of Guelph-Ridgetown, we look at the multiple factors that combine to create yield in the field, and why some input factors should be considered together, not in isolation.

“Hybrids respond to multiple factors at once, ” says Hooker, like the impact of weather, nutrient availability, pest loads and more. Acknowledging the interplay between, say, nitrogen rates and a fungicide application can lead to increased yield and efficiency, says Hooker.

Check out the video below to find out just how much “synergy” you might find in the filed, and what’s to come in regards of corn hybrid research.

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