Confronting the Pregnant Pause: 7 Tips for Dealing with the Media

Photo by Popperipopp

Trish Jordan of Monsanto Canada gives her top tips for talking to the media, and describes her most memorable moment in the limelight.

Imagine you’re in an interview, and after wrapping up your answer to one of the interviewer’s more difficult questions, you’re met with a wall of silence.

To many people, lapses in conversation are an invitation to ramble — anything to fill the silence. And, that desire is well-known to interviewers, who often use it in an effort to pull unwanted information from their interviewee.

That silence is nothing new to Trish Jordan, Monsanto Canada’s public and industry affair’s director. Jordan was also one of a panel of speakers at this year’s Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference in Calgary, where she went beyond pregnant pauses, to discuss the role people have in talking to the media, and how to become comfortable in that role.

Here are some of Jordan’s top tips for talking to the media:

    1. Know what you want to say.
    2. Know your audience.
    3. Practice.
    4. Develop relationships with the media.
    5. Be yourself.
    6. Stay relaxed.
    7. Be confident in what you’re sharing.