Cattle Markets Still Have Steam — But Is It a Return to Seasonality?

Cattle markets typically have seasonal high and lows that you can track and capitalize on…except in the last while, when it seems the markets haven’t stayed true to the more predictable pattern we’ve come to expect. With the first quarter of 2015 behind us, cattle markets are flirting with and surpassing record highs, but April IS a top-out month for a seasonal cycle, says Anne Wasko, with Gateway Livestock.

If seasonality still matters, the 10 year average suggests that the fed-cattle market is in for a  price pull-back after this run up — have you got your management plan in place?

Strong spring prices continue to surprise — check out the last Beef Market Update here!

As a quick market recap, Wasko adds, the U.S. cash cattle markets saw a slight dip in prices, even on tight supplies, as packers have pulled back kill rates. Other classes of cattle are approaching last year’s highs. Coming back north, local cattle markets have set yet another record — these numbers are “simply unheard of,” says Wasko.

What happens next? Tune in next week as Wasko is back for a Beef Market Update.

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