Machines Communicating With Each Other in the Field — John Deere Offers Coverage Map & Guidance Line Sharing

machine-sync-largeYou could say the day when tractors “talk” to each other in the field has arrived, as John Deere has expanded its field automation system to include coverage map and guidance line sharing between machines.

New Machine Sync features unveiled last month build on the application’s ability to link a combine with a grain cart to allow the combine operator to control tractor speed and cart location.

As Deere product support representative Austin Williams explains in the video below, the new features are aimed at making it easier for multiple machines to operate in the same field.

Whether seeding, spraying, applying fertilizer, or during harvest, each operator will be able to see which areas of the field have already been covered. Section control can be turned on or off based on another machine’s coverage map, leading to fewer missed or overlapped spots.

The machine information can also be viewed remotely.

Williams gets into how the new version of Machine Sync works with Shaun Haney in this video filmed at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville:


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