Kickin’ Tires — Ep. 8: Pre-Owned Gets Certified, T-Shirt Sales, and the Question of Western Canadian Precision

Hot on the heels of the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville last month, three of the big equipment manufacturers rolled out spiffy new certified pre-owned equipment programs — what’s all the fuss about? And is the extra shine and gloss of a certified sticker worth heading to the dealer vs. hanging out at auction (our guess is the coffee is better at the dealership).

In this latest edition of the Kickin’ Tires podcast, co-hosts Shaun Haney and Jim Hale talk certified pre-owned and the bid for used machinery spending, and then move on to a talk on brand loyalty in the face of t-shirt sales.

From there, the two move on to the level of precision seen in the corn industry — from not just planters, but also on to input placement, including insecticides. How does this compare to what Western Canada considers precision? What has to happen for true precision seeding/planting to take off on the Prairies?

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