Beef Market Update: Market Kicks Up Its Heels With an Early Spring; Cattle Herd Numbers Fail to Surprise

Cattle crowd around a dugout in Alberta. | Photo by Debra Murphy

It’s nearly the middle of March, but it feels more like May in many parts of Western Canada. Spring-like days with temps in the double digits for much of the southern areas of Alberta and Saskatchewan seem to have buoyed cattle markets, as it’s likely grass will be abundant and soon.

Beef Market Updatewith A WaskoThat’s the latest Beef Market Update update from Anne Wasko, with Gateway Livestock, recorded while enjoying the plus 19 sunshine outside of Medicine Hat (safety first: she was stopped and pulled over, we promise).

Also in the report below, Wasko summarizes the StatsCan January 1 numbers outlining the size of the Canadian cattle herd (See the full StatsCan report here). While the 2% and 2.5% drop in numbers (for cows and calves respectively), wasn’t a surprise, Wasko says this should be the beginning of the end of downsizing. When will cattle numbers climb? A look at a timeline, below.

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