Agronomy Geeks Ontario — Ep. 15: Agronomy Proof Your Crop Plan

You can’t change the weather and you can’t influence crop prices, but you can agronomy proof your crop plan, says Deb Campbell, agronomist with Agronomy Advantage.

As winter ever so slowly releases its grip on Ontario, Campbell says farmers can do plenty of planning now to tip yield in their favour, but it’s going to take focusing on some key areas to get it done.

In this episode of Agronomy Geeks Ontario, brought to you by Cargill’s Ask the Expert network, Bernard Tobin and Campbell discuss the goal of early planting and how to get there, plus why aiming for top yields in soybeans may also leave you at a higher risk to white mould (but what to do about it).

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From there, this Agronomy Geeks episode explores making out on wheat yields (hint: it starts with soybean management) and moves to corn management, and the very uncomfortable, but very important discussion on managing herbicide resistance.

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