TechTour: Moving Spray Down into the Crop Canopy with the WingsSprayer System

Consistent droplet size and canopy penetration are two key points of getting the most out of your spray application (assuming you’re after leaf coverage, of course). Sending spray droplets where you actually want them to go is much harder than it sounds — part of the reason for that is air movement and turbulence as the spray leaves the nozzle.

Both wind speed and the air turbulence created through the act of driving through the field have an impact on just what happens to the spray quality and direction once air-borne. Yes, sometimes this can work very much in your favour, but it’s also a variable that requires management.

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In this episode of the TechTour, Real Agriculture’s Shaun Haney meets with inventor Harrie Hoeben, whose WingsSprayer set up caught the eye of many an attendee at Saskatoon’s Crop Production Show in early January.

Hoeben walks us through how the WingsSprayer system is designed to work, what spray challenges it addresses and how long it took him to develop. Though currently based in Europe, the WingsSprayer technology will be tested in Canada this year.

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