Every Little Bit Adds Up in Maximizing Soybean Yields

Four additional seeds per plant can result in a five to ten percent bump in soybean yield — every little bit adds up.

That was the message from Tony White, St. Louis-based technology development lead with Monsanto, speaking at the Southwest Ag Conference in Ridgetown earlier this month.

“When you look at where we’ve come over the past 20 or 30 years, the increase in yield in soybeans has been real slow. We’ve made huge strides in terms of genetics and trait technology, but I think we can take it even further if we look at agronomics,” he says in the video below. “When you take that into a full-scale field approach, there’s not a lot that needs to be added on a per-plant basis to do that.”

Speaking with Bern Tobin, White delves into the critical factors for maximizing soybean yields: variety selection, planting date, seed density, fertility (which, in many cases, should be a higher priority for soybeans) and harvest timing:

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