Creating a Culture That Moves Your Farm Business Forward: Former CEO of Walmart Canada

Have you ever thought about the workplace culture on your farm or within your business? Good or bad, a culture will exist whether a manager or CEO has intentionally thought about it or not, says the former CEO of Walmart Canada.

walmart (1)Culture is what drives a business — it’s the fabric of an organization, explains Mario Pilozzi in the interview below, filmed at the Farm Forum Event in Saskatoon in early December.

“Don’t just let it happen. Don’t just let it evolve. Create that culture. Make sure the culture that you’re creating is aligned with the values that you want to project in your company. You have to make sure it will support the mission and vision of your corporation,” he explains. “A culture will always exist, but if you build a culture that’s aligned with those two elements, then you’ll have a meaningful culture.”

Changes to a culture on a farm or any workplace must start from the top, notes Pilozzi.

“It has to be something demonstrated and lived by the leadership. Once it is lived and displayed by the leadership, then you can move and start to penetrate down to the next level,” he says. “You move one layer at a time and before you know it, you’ve done the entire organization.”


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