Behind the Scenes: The Feat of Feeding 2,000 People All at Once

If there’s one thing the agriculture industry knows how to do, it’s hold a conference. Agronomy updates, grower group meetings and local get-togethers aren’t just about learning, they’re also about catching up with friends and breaking bread together.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to get all those meals ready to roll, hot and fresh, all at once? How many tonnes of potatoes a big buffet requires? How far the staff may travel to bring you your meal at a precise time?

This last week, Edmonton’s Northlands Expo Centre hosted about 1,800 attendees for FarmTech, and Shaun Haney, Debra Murphy and Jason Stroeve were there to go behind the scenes and capture the incredible scale and coordination that goes into feeding the masses.

In this video, you’ll meet Mark Hughes, executive chef of Northlands, who describes the complex and coordinated dance required to get enough food ready on time and where you need it, all the while making sure it’s delicious. Make sure you hang around right to the end, where you’ll hear Hughes’s description of what it takes to make it in the culinary world (you may be surprised to hear how similar it is to farming!).

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