What Does Johne’s Prevention Look Like on Your Farm?

Could Johne’s disease be lurking in your dairy or beef herd? It very well could be, and you’d potentially never know it, or most of your herd could be infected before you have a positive test. The same can be said for beef herds, so those of you with all types of cattle need to tune in to the video below.

This white-board animation video is the second by Dr. Steven Roche, principle consultant with Agricultural Communications and Epidemiological Research (ACER) Consulting. The video below tackles the veterinarian’s role in helping farmers deal with this terrible infection, using an engaging narrative and eye-catching drawings. The message is simple — preventing Johne’s is the most important aspect of managing the disease — and that the relationship and communication between the vet and the farmer is a key aspect of getting a prevention plan in place.

Watch the video below for more, and if you’re looking for the first video that fully explains Johne’s infection and spread in cattle herds,  follow this link to see it. 

Can’t see the player below? Use this link to watch it on YouTube.

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