Gourmet Burgers Brought to you by the Global Financial Crisis

Wendy’s Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger | PRNewsFoto/The Wendy’s Company

According to John Scott, JM Scott Management Services, gourmet burgers were something born of North America’s 2008 economic downturn. “People went to the hamburger, because it’s a comfort food. And then, over a period of time…people said, ‘you know what, I’d like something a bit better.’” That’s when, as Scott says in the video below, a New York chef decided to create a gourmet burger made of steak. It was a hit, and today, gourmet burgers can be found in all kinds of high-end establishments. Filmed at the Canfax Cattle Market Forum in Calgary, this interview has Scott join Shaun Haney…

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