Wheat School: Yes, YOU Must be Putting Phos Down With Wheat!

Wheat Pete wants YOU to use more starter fertilizer!

Do you put down starter fertilizer with your winter wheat? If not, Peter Johnson, cereal specialist with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, wants to know what you’re waiting for.

“We’ve done a whole bunch more analysis of the (trial) data…and if you have a low soil test and don’t apply phosphorus (at planting) you give up 14 bushels per acre,” says Johnson. What’s more, even farmers with adequate soil test phosphorus can benefit from seed-place phos.

In this Wheat School episode, Johnson covers the yield response to seed-place phosphorus, the pros and cons of liquid and specialty formulations and what all the fuss is about regarding fall-applied sulphur and zinc.

Also in this video, Johnson outlines the reasons that farmers should be moving away from broadcast applications of P, both for agronomic and environmental reasons. Check out @WheatPete’s thoughts on phos, below.

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