In The Dirt: Considerations for a Late Harvest — All About Ruts & Planning Ahead

Salford PicThe soybean harvest is likely behind by about two weeks for much of Ontario and parts of the U.S. For those who may want to get wheat or cover crops in, time is of the essence, and that can mean that waiting for ideal soil conditions before planting or working the ground doesn’t happen.

But being patient when working the ground can pay dividends, yes, even when time is tight, says Jim Boak, of Salford. In this episode of In the Dirt, Boak reviews fall options for planting in a very tight window, even with rutted fields, plus adds in some discussion on why ruts don’t have to be tackled all at once.

Plus, Boak covers why working wet frost-laden ground could be a really bad idea, and why planning for spring could mean starting first with residue management and leaving any tillage passes until later. Ultimately, the goal is soil productivity and a great crop for next year — planning and patience now will pay next spring.

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