Wheat School – Calibrating Your Box Drill With Rubber And Basic Math

In this Wheat School episode, Phil Needham, of Needham Ag Technologies, shows how farmers can use a heavy duty rubber mat and some math calculations to calibrate a box drill.

This procedure is really good for double disk drills because they do an excellent job of confining the seeds as they are delivered between two double disk openers,” Needham recently told growers at a series of no-till drill clinics sponsored by C & M Seeds
and Devolder Farms.

It’s really quite simple, Needham explains. On 7.5-inch spacing, a grower needs to count the number of seeds in a 36-inch length of row and multiply by 4.8 to get the number of seeds per square yard. “This allows you to determine how many seeds your drill
is putting out so you can determine the right seeding rate for different planting conditions, planting dates and tillage practices, etc.”

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