The TruFlex Trait — A Wider Spray Window, Improved Crop Safety & More Yield

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It’s been a while since the Roundup Ready trait revolutionized growing canola for Western Canada. Monsanto Canada is looking to kick weed control up a notch yet again with the (eventual) introduction of the TruFlex Roundup Ready trait.

Visitors to Monsanto’s Momentum Tour were treated to a first-hand look at how the TruFlex trait performed under higher spray concentrations and later into the growing season, key benefits to the new trait. In this video, Allan Froese, with Monsanto Canada, runs through those two benefits plus one more that farmers can look forward to once varieties with this trait make it to market.

You can be forgiven if you think you’ve heard about this trait before and wondered what happened to it — TruFlex is approved for use in Canada and has been for some time, but the trait is awaiting approvals in key export markets, like China. Froese explains what the hold up is and when farmers can expect to have access to the new technology.

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