RealAg this Week – Rhett Vanishes, Lyndsey Moves and Russia Goes Crazy

A RealAg team photo in the early days of Ag More Than Ever.

Shaun Haney and Debra Murphy discuss this week at Rhett and Lyndsey took the week off to take care of some very important things.  Lyndsey moved to Ottawa and Rhett vanished from the world.  Shaun, Jason, and Debra held down the fort for the team and had a great week. In this RealAg this week we discuss FCC getting dropped by CPS, golf ball sized hail in Alberta, Russia going mental with internet spying and cutting off food imports, and where Rhett may have vanished to.

We forgot to discuss the big news we are making Monday, Alison Redford getting her hand caught in the public funds cookie jar, and how cool the new company soundboard is.

To all our readers have a great weekend!!!!! Remember we have big news on Monday!!!!! Stay tuned!!!

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