Canola School: Summer Storage of Canola — Leave it, Turn it or Aerate?


Moisture and temperature movement reverses from fall to summer. Does that mean canola may spoil if left in the bin all summer?

Hot summer days and over-wintered canola — a disaster waiting to happen, or a non-issue?

Turns out, as of last fall, there was little if any research to reference on the safety of storing canola well into the hot summer months. Canola growers will be pleased to learn that that’s no longer the case, as new research funded by the provincial grower groups, through the Canola Council of Canada, has shed light on safe summer storage of canola.

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Joy Agnew, with the Prairie Agriculture Machinery Institute (PAMI), led the project this summer, which looked at three, 4,000-bu bins where the canola was put in dry and frozen during the cold winter months. Monitoring began in June and Agnew and her team compared a bin that had been left completely unmoved to one which had been turned, to another that was aerated.

In this interview, Agnew highlights some surprising findings of the one-summer study, what farmers need to do in the fall to prep canola for longer-term storage and whether or not the study will be done again next year.

Check out the summer canola storage blog by following this link.

If you can’t see the embedded player, click here to hear this interview.

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