The Potential Role of Pyroxasulfone in Managing Foxtail Barley

Foxtail barley herbicide trials in Scott, Saskatchewan.

Foxtail barley herbicide trials in Scott, Saskatchewan.

Foxtail barley, or Hordeum jubatum, is a perennial bunchgrass with good tolerance to both salinity and spring flooding. Because of its relatively shallow root system, foxtail barley is quite susceptible to tillage as a management tool, however, due to the shift to low-till or no-till cropping techniques, this method isn’t always an option. Increasing seeding rates and maximizing crop health can help manage foxtail barley. There are also a few herbicide options to help deal with barley.

In this video, Eric Johnson, weed biologist with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, gives us a background of some of the work done around herbicide timing for foxtail barley control. Johnson also describes a research project in its first year, which compares a few herbicides, with a particular look at pyroxasulfone (read more on its candidacy for wild oat control in peas), which has yet to be registered in western Canada. For the results so far, have a listen.

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