Canola Storage Over the Summer — What Should you Do Differently?

It’s a research project that’s never been done before, because, frankly, there really wasn’t much reason to tackle the question. But now farmers want to know — What’s the best way to condition canola for storage over the summer?

This summer, the Prairie Agriculture Machinery Institute (PAMI) is running a trial (funded by the three western Canadian provincial canola grower groups) seeking an answer to that question. Click here for more info and to follow along with findings.

In this video, Angela Brackenreed, agronomist with the Canola Council of Canada, explains why the trial was set up and lays out the trial design which includes three on-farm bins.  The trial will look at the impact of leaving a bin as-is from fall storage, to aerating a bin into the summer months and what impact turning a bin in the spring has on keeping canola safest into the hot, humid months of summer. Preliminary results will be presented at the Canola Field Day slated for July 29, 2014 at Portage la Prairie, Man. Click here to see details for that event.


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