Agronomy Geeks West — Ep.16: The Ins and Outs of Intercropping

Canola and peas grow in the same field, near Midale, Sask. Photo credit: Colin Rosengren.
Flax and lentils as an intercrop

Flax and lentils as an intercrop

I’ve seen my share of unintentional intercrop — lentils and mustard that just HAD to grow together, I guess (I call that one ‘lustard’) — but did you know there may be very profitable reasons to intentionally grow two crops on the same land in the same year? While intercropping is not rare on a world-wide basis or in the pasture world, here in Canada and in broad-acre crops it’s not a common sight. Unless you live near Colin Rosengren, that is, where he’s been planting mixed annual crops for close to 10 years.

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In this mid-summer Agronomy Geeks podcast, I ask Colin about what he’s learned in 10 years of intercropping, how it changed his seeding set up (it even led to the development of the CX-6 Smart row unit, see above for the link), what he’s learned about combine settings and hear about how he’s adapted his grain handling system to separate the two, and even three, crop types back into monoculture format.

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