How Do You Find a Great Mentor?

When it comes to making a decision on your farm, you may be comfortable getting agronomic advice from your peers or the generation that’s gone before, but how many of you have what you consider a mentor for your career as a farmer? The same question applies to those in industry as well — who do you go to talk opportunities and challenges and to gain insight into the business of agriculture?

As Fran Burr, vice president of marketing with Cargill, points out in this interview, crafting your own mentorship — formally or otherwise — is incredibly valuable. Burr relates her own experiences with mentors, and how it’s important that your mentors change over time, as your career needs change.

In this interview filmed at the Advancing Women — Leadership in Agriculture conference, Burr also discusses how she chose a career in agriculture, the importance of first opportunities and overcoming fear and doubt in your abilities.

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