Duo Announcement News for Carinata in Canada

Agrisoma Biosciences Inc. and PGF Biofuels announced the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s regulatory approval for Brassica carinata to be used in meal today. Specifically, the CIFA approves the high-protein meal in grower and finisher cattle feed. This announcement, combined with international market approvals of similar varieties, will be an important step in carinata’s continued development.

“While the primary market for Resonance carinata has always been renewable aviation and biodiesel fuels, the value of its high quality meal is an important part of carinata’s overall market success,” said Andrew Paterson, Chief Executive Officer of PGF Biofuels. “With Resonance carinata meal now approved by the CFIA, the market potential for this crop, and its related opportunity for growers, continues to expand.”

Agrisoma also announced today, the technical and patent update on its development program for Resonance carinata. The program will include testing of newly developed varieties (including those with herbicide and disease tolerance) and new patents related to the crop.

To gain a better understanding of the announcements and what they mean for the development of carinata, we spoke with Patrick Crampton, vice president business and product development at Agrisoma. In the audio above, Crampton speaks to RealAgriculture’s Debra Murphy about what the meal announcement means for Agrisoma, the regulatory approvals still pending and how these announcements will enhance the crop’s potential for growth.

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