Canola School: The Canola Yield Penalty of Early-Emerged Weeds

Canola seedling rowFew crops are hyper-competitive right off the start. A cool spring can also mean that the crop you want to take off doesn’t, and the weeds get a head start. This is especially true of winter annuals which begin growing as soon as the snow recedes, but also applies to spring germinating weeds as well. Just how big of an impact can weeds have on final canola yield? That depends on when they emerge.

In this Canola School episode, Gregory Sekulic, agronomy specialist with the Canola Council of Canada, discusses what appears to be a herbicide-resistant patch of early emerged wild oats in an establishing canola field, and why early emerged weeds are of particular concern to the crop.

(Editor’s note: I dug a few of the weeds up…those babies emerged from deep down and were in very distinct patches throughout the field. Few other weeds were present, if any.)

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