Wheat School: Seed Treatment Considerations for Disease & Insect Control

If you’ve already completed your seed test, it’s likely you have an idea of the level of disease present in your wheat seed. With that, and knowledge of pests from previous years, it’s time to make a decision about seed treatment.

“Treating wheat seed is an importance insurance step,” says Mitchell Japp of the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture, “particularly if you have seed that is a little bit questionable or if you are seeding into conditions that are a little bit questionable.” Like cold and wet soils where seed may sit for days and days? Why, yes, indeed.

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In this video, Japp emphasizes the importance of seed treatments to combat both disease and insect pests, touching on Fusarium, wireworms, how to select a seed treatment, how to optimize coverage and what western Canadian research has shown in seed treatment trials.

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