Wheat School: Nitrogen Application Timing for Winter Wheat

Deciding on rates of nitrogen application for any crop can be a daunting task, but with winter wheat’s unique growing season, the choice is even further challenged by timing.

Applying nitrogen in the fall can reduce the need to get in early in the spring, but could be a bit of a gamble dependent on winter survival (not to mention increases the risk of losses). So what do you do if you didn’t apply fertilizer last fall? And what if you’re still worried about crop survival? When is it too late to add N?

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In this episode of Wheat School, Lyndsey Smith takes to the field to discuss nitrogen application timing for winter wheat with John Heard of Manitoba Agriculture Food & Rural Development (MAFRD).  In it, Heard explains the differences in various application timings, risk factors for loss and when to consider a protected N source and when it’s too late to add nitrogen.

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