Tru-Test’s Android App Helps Manage Data Flow

On-farm data collection is invaluable and collecting it, though time-consuming, isn’t all that difficult. It’s that journey the notepad needs to take to get to the computer that can be more than treacherous. By the time said notepad makes it to the office, it’s often a few years old, all but sanitary and open for interpretation. So what can we do to manage informations? Well, there are a few options…

  1. Keep doing what you’ve always done.
  2. Delegate record-keeping duties to someone else.
  3. Get a mobile filing system of some kind.
  4. Experiment with livestock apps created to help smooth the process.

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In this video, Jason Williams, Western Canadian sales agent with Tru-Test, explains how some choose to ramp up their record-keeping. Simply scan CCIA tags and event information (from Tru-Test products) at the chute, then send to the home computer.* Take a look.

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*Few notepads were dragged through manure in the making of these records.

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