In the Dirt: A Time Lapse Look at the Impact of Tillage on Corn Residue

There’s nothing quite like demo plots — where else will you find head to head comparisons of one variety or practice compared against its neighbour? The trouble with plots, though, is that you only usually see them once and then have to wait for data months later to find out what the real difference was between the two treatments or practices. Enter time lapse videography — no, it won’t work for all comparisons, but if you want to see the impacts of different tillage practices on residue management over time, time lapse is the way to go.

We’re lucky then to have Salford share its time lapse video of corn stalk residue from Rodney, Ont. In this segment of In the Dirt, Jim Boak, of Salford, shows us what a fall to spring video of corn processed residue looks like, the reason for the differences between the two treatments (in this case, vertical tillage with stalk processing), the impact on wind or water erosion, and, finally, the potential impact on yield.

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