Corn School: Tight Planting Window? Plant ASAP, Fertilize Later

Greg StewartIt’s early April and farmers are itching to get the planter out in the field. For the precious few of you in Ontario that are nearly ready to roll, have at ‘er, but for most of the corn growing region, it’s not late yet, but it’s looking like the planting window may be slightly compressed. How do you make up time?

As Greg Stewart, corn specialist for the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, says be ready, but be especially ready to perhaps switch up the order in which you do things.

Bernard Tobin, RealAgriculture’s Ontario field editor, joins Stewart in this Corn School episode to talk corn planting — from what your nitrogen application option are, why they may need to change, how to manage N loss risk and why, hey, it’s still too early to even THINK about swapping out hybrid choices (unless you’ve really gone long on maturity). After that, they talk tillage, specifically what implement may have been overlooked in past years, but could be a good fit for this year’s quick planting season. Check out the video below for that and more!

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