Priaxor Label Expands to Corn and Soybean in Eastern Canada

If you’re looking for a new fungicide option in corn and soybeans, BASF’s Priaxor has expanded to include both crops in Eastern Canada, starting this year. The fungicide boasts two modes of action with active ingredients fluxapryoxad and pyraclostrobin, of the carboxamides (group 7) and strobilurins (group 11), respectively.

Priaxor affects multiple stages of fungal growth, including: spore germination, mycelial growth and sporulation. In corn, this means control of common rust, gray leaf spot and northern leaf blight, while in soybeans, this means effective control of: Asia soybean rust, frog eye leaf spot, septoria brown spot and sclerotinia stem rot.

So what do these modes of action offer in terms of yield benefits? And how does Priaxor compare to BASF’s Headline? RealAgriculture’s Bernard Tobin spoke to Rich Anderson of BASF  to answer these questions and more in the video below.

For even more information, check out the Eastern Canada Priaxor Label.

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