Treat Flax Right — This Crop Responds to Management

Flax — it’s beautiful to look at in the field, healthy to eat in your cereal but a pain in the butt to coax real production out of. Or is it? Dr. Paul Dribnenki, a former flax breeder and current consultant, challenges farmers to begin really understanding and managing this crop to get the most out of it, something they haven’t necessarily done in the past.

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Unlike many other cropping options, flax is uncompetitive for a much longer portion of the growing season. It’s also shallow rooted but with high nutrient needs. In short, flax requires more management for longer than we typically give to other crop types. Because of this, many of been disappointed by the crop’s yield and return.

In this interview from the recent CropConnect conference, RealAgriculture editor Lyndsey Smith talks about flax management with Dribnenki to try and figure out where farmers should best spend their time and input dollars for this crop.


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