How does an Automatic Greasing System Sound? Lexion 780 Upgraded for 2014

Photo via Lexion.

If 543 horsepower and a 360-bushel carrying capacity don’t impress you, then how about Lexion’s  accelerated pre-separation threshing system, which separates up to 30% of grain before the crop even enters the main cylinder? An increased net performance of 20% without added fuel consumption doesn’t sound half-bad.  And what about the 740TT combine, which can now hit speeds of up to 25 miles/hour? An on-board air compressor and hose for easy in-field cleaning? A 43L cooler, lumbar support and a “breakfast table” in the cab?

With all of these characteristics, Lexion offers producers comfort and maintenance ease. But the 2014 models will see even further upgrades, including: an automatic greasing system, the option for a heavy-duty feederhouse drive, a dynamic cooling system and more. In the video below, RealAgriculture’s Bernard Tobin takes a tour of these new features in Lexion’s 780 with Kevin Forth of Claas.

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