Soybean School: Yield Response to a Fungicide — Is Early Application Better?

What is the yield response of a soybean crop to a fungicide application? (wait for it…) It depends.

If you’re not content with that answer, don’t worry — neither are researchers. While there are several factors that work in to the decision to spray, questions surrounding the efficacy and the response of that application can be studied so that farmers have the most complete information with which to make that decision.

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In this Soybean School episode, Dr. Dave Hooker, with University of Guelph’s Ridgetown College, discusses recent soybean trials looking at fungicide yield responses, varietal impact on response and ways and means for farmers to improve the consistency of a response to a fungicide application. Discussing just one year of data, Hooker is interested in a particular trend in the 2013 results: fungicide timing. For more on the topic, view the video below.

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