New Holland’s CR Combines Bulk Up for Bigger Yields

Photo of the CR9090 Elevation, Courtesy of New Holland

New Holland is introducing upgrades to their Twin Rotor CR combines. The changes touch on operator comfort, with an emphasis on overall capacity, efficiency and durability.

Perhaps one of the most drastic changes comes from a 15% increase in capacity through the “Dynamic Feed Roll.” The updated setup speeds up crop movement through streamlined feeding while also re-directing stones into a dedicated trap. In the CR8090 and CR9090 models, a further increase in capacity is seen in the cleaning shoe, where a larger diameter cross auger speeds the movement of high-yielding corn into the elevator.

The CR8090 and CR9090s also feature a larger grain tank, with 410-bushels of storage, an impressive 17% increase from previous versions. Increasing capacity doesn’t have to mean longer unloading times either; the new augers run at roughly 4 bushels/second, meaning the entire tank can be emptied in right around 100 seconds.

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Wider tires have been introduced to the entire CR series as well, limiting compaction and enhancing traction of the higher-capacity machines. Oh, and why not shed a little light on the situation? The CR range will also see further into the night, with five high-intensity lights, four halogen lamps and a 55% improvement on the spread of light to the front of the combines.

But, we could write all day about New Holland’s upgrades. It’s probably best you see for yourself.

In this video, RealAgriculture’s Bernard Tobin gets a preview of the upgrades to the CR8090 from New Holland’s Cole Sanford, with a special mention of the newly-introduced 980CF 12-row corn header — available to farmers by fall. Oh, and did we mention the header has a sweet folding configuration and optional chopping row unit? Take a look.

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